Recommendation Engine

Sending Recommendations to Your Guests Has Never Been so Easy.

Still highlighting recommendations on paper maps? Handing out pre-approved lists of nearby places that need to be updated constantly? TripSee Recommendation Engine uses open data provided by Google, Facebook, and other providers to give you and your guests the most updated information about restaurants, attractions, entrainment, outdoor activities, events, services, and more.


Once a hotelier has sent a recommendation to a guest the guest will receive a text message with a link to the details of the recommentation.

Place Details

All the details the guest needs is in one place ready to go. No need for maps or print-outs. Guests can also request an Uber, Lyft or directions.


Directions automatically load with the guest’s current location and the destination of the place on the phone’s default map.

Personalized Itinerary

Handpick recommendations based off of the guest’s interests provided by the hotelier showing the guest where to go and what to do before arriving at the hotel.

Interactive Map

An overview of the entire itinerary including distances, times, as well as place information and notes from the hotelier.

TripSee Concierge's Guest Recommendations Over Text

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