Hotel Messenger

Increase Responsiveness and Provide a Higher Level of Service

Looking for a quick and easy way to boost your service scores and provide a premier level of service. Most guest already prefer the convenience of texting over calling so why not provide them the option with TripSee's Hotel Messenger.

Welcome Message

Our system will automatically send a welcome greeting to your guests before they arrive letting them know you are able to respond to their requests over texts.

Check-Out Message

When a guest checks out, the system will send a thank you message along with the option to provide feedback about their stay.

Guest Conversation History

The messenger has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to search each guest's current and past conversations.


When a guest sends a message, the system will notify each staff member connected to the system with a popup and a sound notifier.


If a guest sends a message when the office is closed or when staff is busy, the system will automatically send an out-of-office message. If those messages go unanswered for too long, the system will escalate the message.


The messenger is an intelligent system that analyzes the incoming messages. If a guest asks about common phrases like 'WIFI', the system will auto-reply with a predefined response. The bot works for WIFI, Breakfast, Room Number, Ski Lift Status/Ski Conditions, and Weather.

TripSee Concierge's Hotel Messenger

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