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As a response to the growing influence of alternative lodging, such as VRBO and Airbnb, multiple hospitality periodicals have stressed the need for hotels to return to a focus on guest satisfaction, specialized services, guest communication, and modern, tech-forward platforms.

Specialized Itineraries

Itineraries can be as detailed or as general as the hotel wishes, providing space for the hotel to go above and beyond for VIP guests, or to always have general itineraries at the ready. The concierge can create custom names for the itineraries, add custom photos, and leave custom notes as well. These can also be sent to the guest's’ phone via text. For your low-tech guests, these itineraries can be printed out as well.

Place Overview

Each itinerary contains a list of linked (clickable) places or recommendations which provide more details (this includes directions, distance, pictures, open hours, reviews, address, website, ratings, and description). We use the most up to date information from big data providers like Google, Facebook and others to automatically populate this information.

Itinerary Overview

A detailed summary of the itinerary which includes pictures, ratings, notes, and directions. These can be texted to the guest's phone or for your low-tech guests, can be printed out as well.

Place Search

You can search for a place by its exact name or by searching a general category. Places are separated by categories, destinations, lodging, outdoors, restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and service.

Multi-Day Itineraries

Itineraries can span across multiple days and can have multiple cities or destinations, it up to you on how detailed you want to make your guest's next experience.

Itinerary Details

Itineraries can be more than just a list of places, they can include times and durations (i.e we will be eating lunch at the Moxies starting at noon for 2 hours.) They can also include dates (i.e a 3 day weekend to Tahoe City) and can also add specific notes and cost.

Custom Activities, Places, and Events

Unable to find the place you're looking for or have a custom event? You can create your own to add to a guest’s itinerary. Includes images, description, address, and more.

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