Guest Management

Keeping Track of Your Guests So You Don't Have To

Still have that old Customer Relationship Management system that just has basic guest information such as name, email, and phone number? With TripSee’s Guest Management System, easily track your most loyal guests, know their preferences, and view their recommendation history. Plus that other stuff...

Guest Information

All the guest information in a normal CRM plus a few extras includes name, email, phone, tags, notes, and stay information.

Guest Import/Export

Integration with all the systems that are available to hoteliers can be costly and challenging. With TripSee, a few simple clicks imports your entire guest list. It’s that easy.

Guest Tags

Segment your guests by filters or tags. Guest information is easily sorted and displayed.

Stay Information

Reward repeat guests and track your most loyal guests. TripSee records guests’ arrival and departure dates along with room numbers.

Guest Profile/Timeline

Review past history and recommendations. Analyze trends and know what their favorite recommendations are.

Guest Package Tracking

Do you have international customers who buy products and send them to the hotel prior to their arrival? Or is your hotel located in a destination where you manage the shipment and delivery of guests' sporting equipment? Package Tracking will help to make sure their packages arrive when they do.

TripSee Concierge's Guest Management System

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