A Better Guest Experience

An intelligent guest CRM which uses SMS texting for recommendations, itineraries and everyday requests.

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TripSee Concierge's Lobby Kiosk

Make Your Brand Stand Above

75% of consumers have recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized level of service.

TripSee Concierge provides personalized attention to each guest, creating a better, more substantial relationship with them and improving guest re-bookings in the future.

Gain Customers for Life

If hoteliers can create a unique experience for the guests during their initial stay, they'll be more likely to return the next time they need a hotel, even if a brand is offering a better price or a more desirable location.

With the help of TripSee Concierge, your guest can have a one of a kind experience including personalized recommendations and fully planned day trips customized to each guest’s preferences.

Weekend Getaway on TripSee's Trip Planner
TripSee Concierge's SMS Texting and Bot

Improved Customer Service Ratings

41% of customers expect an e-mail response in six hours. Only 36% respond that quickly.

TripSee's SMS texting and intelligent bot will improve the overall customer service rating by providing faster responses and reduce guest frustration.

Cedar House Sport Hotel

"Not only does the product work well, the design is also really attractive and well thought out. All our guests that have received itineraries are really impressed with this innovative and up to today’s technology service. Full Testimonial

Cedar House Sport Hotel
Stefanie Meyers

General Manager - Cedar House Sport Hotel

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Hotel Ecosystem

TripSee Concierge provides a number of different services to fit your hotels specific needs. Click on each service for more details.

TripSee Concierge's Hotel Ecosystem
TripSee's Guest Managment System and Timeline

Guest CRM and Much More

TripSee's Guest Management can provide value in addition to any existing system or as a complete solution.

Guest List

All the guest information in a normal CRM plus a few extras includes name, email, phone, tags, notes, and stay information.

Guest Profiles

Track and manage guests, anticipate their needs, and build a unique profile for each guest.

Guest Timeline

Gain more insight from guest’s previous stays by tracking the number of visits and their previous recommendations.

Package Tracker

Manage all packages. Track them from delivery to the guest’s room.

Recommendations Over Text

Stop handing out those outdated paper maps. Easily send recommendations over text with a few simple clicks.

TripSee Concierge's Guest Recommendations Over Text

We Provide Solutions for Any Sized Hotel

Don't have the resources for a full time or part time Concierge? TripSee Concierge can be used as a self-service kiosk as well as the dashboard for a fully staffed concierge team.

Even if you have a large team, our recommendation engine can help you maximize efficiency and avoid duplicated effort by providing regularly updated suggestions on top of your hotel’s personal picks.

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