Childers, Queensland, Australia

More Photos Childers is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alisa Childers (born 1975), American singer Ambyr Childers (born 1988), American actress Bob Childers (1946–2006), American country/folk singer-songwriter Buddy Childers (1926–2007), American jazz trumpeter Ernest Childers (1918–2005), American Army officer Erskine Barton Childers (1929–1996), Irish UN civil servant Erskine Hamilton Childers (1905–1974), 4th President of Ireland (1973–1974) Hugh Childers (1827–1896), British and Australian Liberal statesman Jason Childers (born 1975), American Major League baseball player Lawrence Childers (born 1944), American politician Mary Ann Childers, American television reporter Marvin Childers (born 1961), American politician, lawyer, and lobbyist Matt Childers (born 1978), American major League baseball player Michael Childers (1784–1854), British Army officer of the Napoleonic era Milly Childers (1866–1922), English painter Molly Childers (1875–1964), American born Irish writer Naomi Childers (1892–1964), American silent film actress Nessa Childers, Irish Member of the European Parliament Rita Childers (1915–2010) First Lady of Ireland Robert Caesar Childers (1838–1876), British orientalist Robert Erskine Childers (1870–1922), author and Irish nationalist Robert L. Childers, Tennessee judge Rodney Childers (born 1976), American NASCAR crew chief Sam Childers (born 1962), American charity worker Travis Childers (born 1958), United States Representative, 1st District of Mississippi Tyler Childers (born 1991), American singer and songwriter W. D. Childers (born 1933), American politician, Member of the Florida Senate Wikipedia

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