Fier, Fier County, Albania

More Photos Fier (Albanian: [ˈfiˈɛɾ]; definite Albanian form: Fieri) is the seventh most populous city of the Republic of Albania and seat of Fier County and Fier Municipality. It is situated on the bank of Gjanica River in the Myzeqe Plain between the Seman in the north, the Vjosë in the south and the foothills of the Mallakastra Mountains in the southeast. Fier experiences a seasonal Mediterranean climate effected by its proximity to the Adriatic Sea in the west. Fier was founded in the 18th century by the Vrioni family. It is 11 km (7 mi) from the ruins of the ancient city of Apollonia. This settlement was founded in 588 BCE by Ancient Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth, on a site initially occupied by Illyrian tribes.Fier is an important terminus in southwestern Albania and is served by the A2 motorway and SH 4 highway, forming a north–south corridor in Albania and part of the Adriatic–Ionian motorway. Wikipedia

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